Indian Man With Extremely Rare Skin Disease Is Covered In Thousands Of Tumors

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An Indian man with a rare medical condition has thousands of tumors across his body, which includes a tumor that weighs over 4 stones.

Diwakar Bisoye, a man from Odisha, East India, is covered from head to toe with benign tumors, which are usually caused by a rare genetic disorder.

The 65-year-old man says the condition has led him to become a social outcast in his village.

Diwakar says his condition made him get treated worse than a stray animal that is dirty.

He is also forced to wear a balaclava over his face due to cruel taunts from his neighbors.

Diwaker, who was once a farmer, said he started to see bumps and lumps on his skin, which were all over his body, nearly 15 years ago.

He said it only took months for the bumps to spread.

Even though his condition is not life-threatening, Diwakar says he wants to get the tumors removed from his skin.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment available for his disease near his isolated village.

Talking about how he is being treated by the society, Diwakar says people mock him and talk about him all the time when he’s around.

He said, “People mock and ridicule me directly. They stare at me and avoid me. Most people act very strangely around me. No one likes looking at me or being near me.”

He added, “People think I will infect everything. Landlords don’t want me living in their property or ask me to leave when people complain about my condition. It’s left me without a job for 15 years.”

According to Dr. Subramania Lyer, a professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kerala, the tumors of Diwakar are caused by a genetic disorder.

Dr. Lyer said the tumors are a result of the abnormalities in Diwakar’s nervous system.

Dr. Lyer explained, “This is a case of multiple neurofibromatoses which means that these nodules arise from nerves traversing the body.”

He added, “This is a hereditary genetic disorder and has at present no medical treatment. The only solution is the surgical removal of most troublesome swellings. Considering his extensive numbers this may have to be done in stages.”

As of now, Diwakar has to stay in his home alone, without any work and medical help.

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