Indian Police Are Brutally Beating Up Delivery Drivers That Carrying Orders For Quarantined People

India, a country with over 1.3 billion, went in lockdown since yesterday to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the country will be going in lockdown for 21 days, most of the residents in India were scratching their heads on how to have access to basic necessities and other items throughout the nationwide lockdown.

A detailed note was later released that all essential commodities, which include food items, medicines, groceries, and other things will be accessible by the public.

The government also assured that there will be no shortage of food and other necessary essentials throughout the 21-day lockdown.

Restaurants, grocery stores, and medical shops are open, however, they are only accessible through online orders.

As the entire country is on lockdown, the police have been very strict against people that were breaking the rules.

In videos that went viral on social media, the police can be seen brutally beating people walking freely in the streets despite the fact that the Prime Minister of India has asked everyone to stay inside.

One of the poor ones includes delivery drivers that were trying to deliver food and medicines to residents of Mumbai and New Delhi.

A Twitter user shared horrible images of delivery drivers with injuries all over their bodies.

The images of the brutally beaten up delivery driver were shared by Samidha Sharma, an Editor, Emerging Business & Startups with E-Tech.

In the tweet that she sent out, Samidha said: “Ecommerce players were forced to cancel/reschedule lakhs of orders for essential goods, food, groceries medicines on Sunday as local authorities and the police ordered them to shut warehouses, blocked trucks carrying supplies,”

She added, “And these are some pictures of brutality across cities like Mumbai and Delhi today. Delivery folks who were trying to deliver food and medicines.. clearly they don’t understand on ground what are essential services.”

Here are some of the tweets people left after seeing the horrible pictures of the brutally beaten up delivery driver:


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