Indian Police Officer Wears Coronavirus Helmet To Work So He Could Warn People To Stay Inside

India is currently in a lockdown, which means its 1.3 billion residents are not allowed to go outside of their houses in any way.

As the police in India are making sure no one gets out of their houses, a police officer from Chennai is making headlines all over the world.

Rajesh Babu, a police officer from Chennai, is wearing a special coronavirus helmet to spread awareness of the virus.

The helmet that Babu wears is covered in red spikes, which has bulbs on the end.

The helmet of the police officer resembles to a microscopic image of the coronavirus.

Gowtham, a local artist, who is also the founder of the Art Kingdom – a Chennai-based organization, came up with the idea to make the helmet.

Gowtham said he came up with the idea after noticing a lack of public awareness about the virus.

The artist said, “People are not hygienic enough.”

He added, “We have government orders not to come out — but still, we’re seeing people roaming here and there without proper safety equipment, without masks.”

The artist said that people in the country were not taking the illness seriously because it is an invisible enemy.

To scare people so they can take it seriously, he came up with the idea to make a physical embodiment of the virus.

Going to the nearest police station, the artist said, “They’ve been working continuously, so I wanted to reduce their workload and make people more aware.”

After getting the approval of the police officers, the artist got to work.

As Gowtham went outside to find some materials, he realized that everything was closed.

So he had to improvise.

The man was forced to sue newspapers and tissue to create the replica of the virus.

After making the helmet, the artist gave it to officer Babu, who loved it.

As officer Babu wears the helmet, he stops people traveling in vehicles so he could tell them about social distancing and wearing proper protective gear.

He also urges civilians to only go out if they are going to buy medicines.

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