Indian Politician Dies Of Coronavirus, Tried To Raise Issue In Parliament But Was Cut Off Earlier This Year

H Vasanthakumar, a Congress MP from Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari, passed away after contracting the coronavirus.

Vasanthakumar tried to raise the flag about how serious the coronavirus pandemic is in front of the parliament, however, the head of the parliament cut off his mic.

During a session in March this year, he said:

Speaker sir, we have to announce a national disaster due to coronavirus affecting the whole nation. A zero-revenue situation will definitely impact the repayment of loans. I urge the government to reschedule the loan payment of small businessmen and individuals at least for three months. Daily wagers have been adversely affected. I urge upon the government to pay a minimum of ₹ 2,000 per family.

Vasanthakumar said this before Om Birla, a Lok Sabha Speaker.

Om Birla asked another lawmaker to speak while Vasanthakumar was talking about the horrible coronavirus crisis.

Vasanthakumar requested to speak for one more minute, but Birla asked Trinamool Congress’s Saugata Roy to take over.

Vasanthakumar, a Congress MP, was told to shut down his mic.

After the death of Vasanthakumar on Friday, the video of the incident was shared widely on Twitter.

The measures that Vasanthakumar suggested were announced by PM Modi’s government earlier this year.

Months after the suggestion, the BJP government announced the “Rs. 20 lakh crore economic package”.

The leader, who is 70, was rushed to the hospital on August 10, 2020, after he tested positive for the coronavirus.

He passed away after contracting severe pneumonia.

Vasanthakumar has a wife, 2 sons, and 1 daughter.

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