Indian Woman Kills 4-Year-Old Blind Son So She Could Get Married For The Fourth Time

Patna, India: A woman from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, killed her 4-year-old disabled son so she could get married for the fourth time.

The incident happened at a village in Patna District last week.

23-year-old Dharmsheela Devi took her 4-year-old blind son to a nearby pond and drowned him to death.

The incident came to light after villagers of Devi found the dead body of the child floating in the waters of the pond.

According to the police, the woman married Arun Chaudhary from Nalanda district five years ago, after which the boy was born.

Devi left Arun a year after getting married and went on to marry another man, who died, and got married again, but that person died too in a car accident.

The woman was planning to marry another man, however, the her blind son was the reason why she could not marriage.

As a result, Devi ended up murdering her own son so she could marry for the fourth time.

Amarendra Kumar, a police officer in Patna that is looking at the case of Devi, said that the woman was planning to get married for the fourth time however her own son was the problem.

She ended up killing her son and confessed the crime to the police.

She confirmed that she did the horrible thing so she could get married.

The first husband of the woman have filed an official complaint against the woman.

Devi was arrested by the police.

Investigations also found out that the first husband of Devi requested to the police that he would take care of their son, but the custodianship was denied due to court and local hearings.

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