It’s Raining Money: Currency Notes Shower From Kolkata Building As Revenue Department Conducts Raid  

Raining Cash in Kolkata: Cash was seen raining out from the sixth floor of a building in Kolkata’s central business district on the afternoon of Wednesday.

According to reports, a raid was being conducted by the Department of Revenue Intelligence when the money was being thrown out of the window.

Reports suggest that currency notes of Rs. 100, Rs. 500, and Rs. 2000 were being pushed out of a window on the sixth floor of the building with a broom when the raid was being conducted.

As a natural instinct, people were scrambled under the building and were running to gather some money.

According to the Department of Revenue Intelligence, officials were at the building to conduct a raid at the office of a private company that is linked with imports and exports of goods.

The company was reportedly evading duty.

Authorities are not sure if the raid and the raining of cash are related.

It is still not sure if the money that was being thrown out of the building was real or fake.

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