Leopard Carcass Found In Under-Construction School Toilet, Officials Believe It Fell From Roof And Got Trapped

The decomposed carcass of a young leopard was found at an under-construction toilet of a primary school in Agra, India.

According to official reports, the incident happened at the Kharthi Village, which is around 500 meters away from a forest range.

Authorities said that a portion of the toilet roof was found damaged.

The carcass of the leopard was found by children of the village, who went inside the school building to use its toilet as they were playing.

Upon reaching there, the kids found the dead carcass, who then rushed to alert the forest officials.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the leopard was roaming on the roof of the school building and accidentally fell inside the under-construction toilet.

The doors of the toilet were locked from the outside.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, no one went to school.

Authorities believe that the animal may have died of starvation.

The Indian Veterinary Research Institute will be performing an autopsy on the animal.

According to Divisional Forest Officer, Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Manish Mittal, the exact cause of the leopard’s death will be known once the report comes.

Officer Mittal believes that the animal died around 10 days ago.

The leopard is believed to be around 1-year-old.

Explaining how the leopard ended up in the toilet, he said:

We suspect that the animal climbed a tree and then jumped on the school roof. The animal fell inside the toilet as a portion of the roof was damaged.

The autopsy report of the leopard is still being awaited, said Mittal.

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