Man Sells SUV To Give Free Oxygen Cylinders For Poor Coronavirus Patients

Mumbai, India: As the confirmed cases of coronavirus in India are continuously rising throughout the country, Abbas Rizvi and Shahnawas Hussain, 2 friends from Maharashtra, are giving out free oxygen cylinders to coronavirus patients that are experiencing respiratory problems.

Abbas Rizvi and his friend started the kind act after he lost his 6-month pregnant cousin as she failed to get oxygen support after she was diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Rizvi said:

My cousin who was six-month pregnant passed away due to lack of oxygen support. It was then that we realised what kind of problem people are facing in getting oxygen support.

Shahnawas Hussain, the other friend, sold his SUV to meet the growing demand for oxygen cylinders.

31-year-old Hussain said that people are having a hard time finding oxygen tanks and beds across Maharashtra because of the disease infecting people at a very fast rate.

Hussain added:

Seeing the situation of hospitals across the city, we have decided to provide oxygen cylinders to whoever is in urgent need of them. We are not disseminating on the basis poor or rich, Hindu, or Muslim. Whoever is coming to us with a doctor’s prescription, we simply deliver the oxygen cylinder to them anywhere in Mumbai.

The pair have supplied over 300 oxygen cylinders to hospitals and patients without getting paid.

Each cylinder is capable of providing oxygen to a single patient for up 48 hours.

Abbas and Rizvi give out around 10 to 15 oxygen cylinders to people on a daily basis.

Such an amazing act by the 2 men.

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