Rajasthan Woman Kills Mother-In-Law With Snakebite After She Found Out About Her Extramarital Affair

A woman from Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan killed her mother-in-law with snakebite after she found about her extramarital affair.

According to reports, the woman was in a relationship with a man from Jaipur.

The man and his friend have been arrested in connection with the murder.

According to reports, the woman and her mother-in-law used to stay in the village alone as their husbands were serving the Indian Army and had been deployed out of the station.

Alpana, the murderer, got married to Sachin, the son of the mother-in-law on December 12, 2018.

In the absence of her husband, the woman was in an extramarital affair.

The mother-in-law suspected her daughter-in-law to be in a relationship and asked her why she was on the phone all the time.

One day, the woman got enough of her mother-in-law and called her partner to come up with a plan so they can kill the mother-in-law.

The woman and decided to kill her mother-in-law with a snakebite so her death could look natural.

The in-laws of the woman felt something was wrong, leading them to file a police complaint against the woman.

After further investigation, the police arrested the woman and her lover on January 4, 2019.

Authorities said they have concrete evidence and support for the murder.

On June 2, 2019, Alpana, the woman, killed Subodh Devi, the mother-in-law, with snakebite.

According to reports, there were 124 calls between 2 numbers and 19 calls were made between Alpana and Krishna Kumar.

After further investigation, the police completed the case and found Alpana, Manish, the boyfriend of Alpana, and his friend Krishna Kumar guilty of Subodh Devi’s murder and they were arrested on January 4, 2020.

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