Self-Isolating Indian Man Runs Nude And Bites Old Woman To Death

Kamanayakkanpatti, Tamil Nadu: An Indian man was arrested by the police for biting an elderly woman so fatally, which caused her to die while getting treatment at a hospital.

The young man, who was under home quarantine for the novel coronavirus after returning from Sri Lanka.

The man reportedly ran outside his house totally naked and bit an 80-year-old man.

According to reports, the incident happened on March 27, 2020.

The woman was rushed to a hospital on the evening of Friday this week, but she succumbed to her injuries on Saturday.

According to reports, the woman did not respond to the treatment that she got from the hospital.

The man, whose complete identity was not shared with the public, was captured by the neighbors of the woman and was handed over to the police.

The man traveled to Sri Lanka recently and was directed by the government to self-isolate to make sure he doesn’t spread the virus.

The man came out of his house on Friday evening and removed his clothes.

He later started to run in the street butt naked.

35-year-old Manikandan, who has a history of mental illness, saw the 80-year-old woman and bit her in her neck.

A police officer, whose identity was not shared with the public, released a statement about the incident to NDTV.

The statement said, “The accused, Manikandan, has a history of mental illness for which he was treated in Madurai back in 2010. On Friday, he disrobed himself and ran from his home. He tripped and fell a hundred meters from his home and targeted the elderly woman, who was sitting outside her house.”

The statement added, “According to the man’s family, ever since Manikandan returned from Sri Lanka, he was stressed about losses his business suffered there and his mental health deteriorated.”

The 80-year-old woman was rushed to the Body Government Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

Manikandan, the suspect, has been arrested and is currently facing murder charges.

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