Teacher Arrested For Stabbing Grandmother And Trying To Kidnap 9-Month-Old Baby In India

A private teacher from New Delhi was booked after she was caught trying to kidnap a 9-month-old baby from an apartment, which is located in Safdarjung Enclave.

The police arrested the woman after she was booked on kidnapping charges.

According to the New Delhi police, the incident happened on Saturday last week.

The relatives of the 9-month-old baby prevented the kidnapping by alerting their neighbors right away.

According to reports, the 9-month-old baby was playing with Anita Mittal, the grandmother, when the private teacher rang the doorbell.

At around 12:30 pm, the grandmother opened the door.

The private school teacher injured her with a knife.

The woman then snatched the baby away from the arms of the grandmother and also tried to escape, but the screams of the grandmother were heard by the members of the family, allowing them to hold the teacher.

As the family members held the private school teacher, the neighbors started to gather around.

Upon seeing the neighbors, the private school teacher dropped the baby on the floor and tried to run away.

She was later caught by the security guard of the apartment complex.

The police were called to the scene and the woman was officially arrested.

The Delhi Police said a knife was recovered from the woman.

DCP Devender Arya said the woman was arrested on charges that include attempted kidnapping, trespassing, and causing hurt.

The woman said she wanted to kidnap the baby so she could demand ransom from the family members.

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