Thousands Of Indian Villagers Gather To Throw Cow Dung Cakes At Each Other In Street Fight That Brings “Good Health”

Thousands of Indian villagers gather around in the Kairuppala Village in Kurnool, Southern India, to take part in the annual “Cow Dung Battle”, where people would throw cow poop at each other.

This yearly tradition will take part in Kairuppala Village in Kurnool, and the battle of the cow dung will be done by rival villages.

Mostly known as the Pidakala War, this day takes place a day after the spring festival called Ugadi and it is a symbolic war about a mythological marriage dispute.

The villagers that take part in the fight are divided into 2 groups, one group fights for Goddess Bhadrakali and the other group fights for Lord Veerabhadraswamy.

In this festival, Cow Dung Cakes are seen being thrown by each side towards the other side as lookers gather around them to see the fight.

Videos of the Indian poop throwing festival can be seen below:

The local authorities are also called into the scene to make sure no riots or real fights break out during the festival battle.

Legend says Lord Veerabhadraswamy wanted to marry Bhadrakali, a goddess in the Hindu religion.

But there was an opposition to the match, which later led to a dispute.

The followers and fighters of goddess Bhadrakali used cow dung as their weapon and won a war, which allowed the marriage to be allowed.

Since that day, a tradition was started and every year, cow dung could be seen flying in the air, hitting people on the opposition, as people celebrate the union at the end of the battle.

The Ugadi festival was celebrated yesterday in India, and it marks as the beginning of a new year and a change in the orbit of our moon, Luna.

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