UP Office Employees Forced To Wear Helmets To Protect Themselves From Old “Weak” Building

India is considered as the land of diversity, but we are considered as one of the most left behind countries in the world when it comes to protecting our citizens.

As Indians, we find a lot of ways to express our anger towards the slow and prevailing system of our government.

In the latest scandal that will surely go viral, images have surfed the net and they showed office employees of the UP Electricity department wearing helmets inside a building.

The pictures were taken at the electricity department in Banda, Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, employees of the Banda electricity department are asked to wear helmets to protect themselves from any untoward incident as they work in a “weak” office building.

An employee of the department said, “It’s the same condition since I joined 2 yrs ago. We’ve written to authorities but there is no response.”

At first, the people who saw the images said it would be due to the motor vehicles act, but it turned out to be much worse.

During an interview with ANI, the workers said they wear helmets to show that they are protesting against the government, who have failed to take action against the condition of their building.

An employee of the department said the condition has stayed the same for 2 years now.

The employees have also written letters to the authorities, but their building was not inspected by the authorities.

The images that were shared on the internet showed the horrible conditions of the building, which shows a lack of maintenance.

The government of Uttar Pradesh is currently busy making statues, and they are failing to take action against for the benefit of their own workers.

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