Vikas Dubey: Gangster Who Killed 8 Police Officers With AK-47 Shot Dead After Trying To Escape Police Van

A gangster who slaughtered 8 cups in a shootout last week has been shot dead by the police after he reportedly tried to steal a police officer’s gun.

Vikas Dubey, the evil gangster, asked the police “don’t you know who I am?” during his arrest in Madhya Pradesh, India.

But a police officer only slapped him in response.

According to the police, Dubey was being transported to a jail in Uttar Pradesh when the car he was traveling in overturned.

He was shot dead after he stole a police officer’s weapon and tried to flee with it.

Dubey was wanted on over 60 charges, which includes attempted murder, kidnapping, arson, and rioting.

He once strolled into a police station, before shooting dead a minister.

A video of his arrest shows him asking a cop: “don’t you know who I am? I’m Vikas Dubey”.

An officer could also be seen slapping him near his ear.

A police spokesperson said:

We could not arrest Vikas Dubey and he surrendered in Ujjain. We could not arrest him even after such a huge incident and he kept travelling around. This should be investigated.

Dubey was arrested outside a temple after buying prayer offerings from a market in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

A trader reportedly tipped off security officers about his presence.

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