Woman Finds Hidden Spy Camera In Women’s Toilet Of A Luxurious Café In Pune

If you’re a woman or a girl, you have to take extra precautionary steps to make sure that you’re safe in the place you’re in. This is not right, especially with the fact that men do not have to worry about this.

A Pune woman, who was at a luxurious café in Pune, used her instincts and found out that there was a hidden spy camera inside the women’s toilet.

After finding the hidden camera, the woman approached the staff of the BeHive Café in Pune and confronted them about the camera.

The incident reportedly happened on November 3, 2019.

When the woman confronted the staff about the hidden spy camera, they ended up dismissing her and kicked her out of the restaurant.

The woman then left a review on Zomato to make sure everyone could know about their malice behaviors, but her review was also removed.

Roma, the woman who shared the incident on Twitter, exposed the café and their hidden camera inside the women’s washroom.

Her tweet went viral and caught the attention of the Pune Police.

Her tweet has over 4k retweets and over 3.1k likes.

The Pune Police told the woman, “We would be happy to help ma’am. Can we help you in any way to file an official complaint at the respective police station? You may DM us your number if you wish to discuss over a call.”

Café BeHive Pune is one of the most plush cafes and bars in Pune. It is mostly populated by men and young women who are working in the area.

Also, for all the women out there, if you find a hidden camera in a public washroom, changing room, or in an area where it shouldn’t be, you are asked to report it to the Cyber Cell to your nearest police station.

The IT Act 2000 states any person who is going guilty to capture explicit images of men and women without their consent will be booked under the act under section 66E.

Café BeHive deleted their social media pages and said they are temporarily closed.

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