Woman Hacks Husband To Death After Gluing Lips, Ears, And Eyes When She Was Caught With Another Man

An Indian woman hacked her husband to death after gluing his lips, ears, and eyes when she was caught with another man.

Munna and Julie Gupta, the couple, got into a fight after the husband confronted her after knowing that she had an affair with another man.

The body of the victim was recovered from the car of his wife.

Julie and her parents were inside the house when the incident happened, said a number of reports.

The family was on their way to burn the body of Munna when they were intercepted by a police patrol vehicle.

The incident happened in Gaya, which is located in Bihar, a norther state of India.

Munna caught Julie with her lover in a very sensual position.

Shocked by what he saw, the man attacked the lover and the couple got into a physical fight.

Durga Devi and Sanju Shaw, the parents of Julie, joined the brawl and assaulted Munna.

Munna was left unconscious by the brutal beating.

Julie then glued the mouth, ears, and eyes of Munna with a strong Fevikwik glue before hacking him to death with a sharp-edged knife.

The parents were stopped by the police when they were on their way to a petrol station to buy fuel so they could burn the body of Munna.

After being caught, the parents fled the scene and left the body behind.

Julie was arrested by the police after it came to light that a murder had happened.

Aditya Kumar, a police officer with the Gaya Police, released a statement about the incident, where they said:

We have arrested Julie. Based on her statement, we have arrested her father and mother who helped her in committing the crime. All the accused have admitted their involvement in the murder. Raids are on to nab the other two absconding persons.

Authorities did not reveal any other information about the death of Munna.

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