Chicago Woman Left Heartbroken After Finding Out Pet Dog Was Mistakenly Put Down By Animal Shelter

A woman from Chicago, USA<, was left in tears after she found out that her missing dog was mistakenly put down by an animal shelter.

Monica Lopez, a woman from Champaign, Illinois, said that Dada, her pet dog, went missing recently.

The owner tracked down her pet dog to the Champaign County Animal Control.

They initially told her that her pet dog was safe with them.

After a telephonic call, the dog owner and the staff arranged a pick up date, but in between those times, something bad had happened.

Before she got to the animal shelter to get the dog, the poor one had been euthanized.

Monica made a post on Facebook, where she talked about the death of her pet dog.

She said in the post:

Animal control told me they had my dog on Wednesday and that he was safe and warm but due to the holidays I couldn’t pick him up until today. They turnt (sic) around and gave me heartbreaking news that he was put down on Christmas day even tho they told me he was safe and warm. You weren’t just a regular dog.

The woman said that Dada was an angel and she was everything for her.

Darlene Kloeppel, the executive of the Champaign County, said that a worker accidentally put down the pet dog of the woman.

The employee was not notified about the plans that the dog will be collected by the owner of the dog.

In a statement that was released by Darlene, she said:

Fortunately, errors of this type are rare. While the holidays and staff vacations made this circumstance unique, additional steps in animal control procedures have been put in place to prevent any similar gaps in communication in the future.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Darlene And Dada.

May the soul of the dog rest in peace.


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