Rescue Dog Saves Owner’s Life After He Falls During A Stroke

A 6-year-old rescue dog ended up saving the life of their owner after he fell during a stroke.

Sadie, the dog, saved the life of Brian, her human, when he suffered from a stroke.

When Brian was on the floor, Sadie licked his face to keep him awake and stayed where he was.

The dog then dragged the man across the room to his phone so they could call for help.

The amazing act of Sadie helped the man survive the stroke that they had received.

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge said that Sadie was confused and lost when her previous owner moved out and left her.

When she was rescued ,the animal shelter said she was nervous and protective all the time.

This just made the entire process of finding her a new home very difficult.

Talking about Sadie, the animal shelter said:

Just a few months ago, Brian came into Sadie’s life and decided to adopt her.  Though her bio noted that she was especially nervous with men, Brian felt a special bond with Sadie, as he valued her intelligence, hesitancy to trust and fierce loyalty once she did form that trust. Brian gave Sadie a second chance at life, adopting Sadie and welcoming her home.

After being adopted, the 2 were extremely happy with each other.

Brian said that Sadie has given him a second life.

Sadie is currently stay with the family of Brian.

Brian is currently recovering at a rehab center and the 2 video call each other on a daily basis.

What an amazing story, right?

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