2 men from Rajasthan were kidnapped, robbed, and assaulted by kidnappers who also burnt their genitals with matchsticks

Avinash and Karamveer, 2 men from Rajasthan, were robbed, assaulted, and kidnapped by 6 people who burnt their genitals before letting them off.

The police are currently looking for the 6 men.

Officials said tha the incident happened in Dhod City, which is located in the district of Sikar.

A complaint has been registered under relevant IPC (Indian Penal Codes) against the 6 men, Avinash and Karamveer are currently recovering from their injuries in a hospital in the district.

Officials said that the incident happened when Avinash and Karamveer were both returning to their home after attending a marriage ceremony on May 17.

The two said, Sandeep Nehra and 5 of his companions kidnapped them and beat them up so bad.

They allegedly brought the cousins to a quiet place where they forced them to take their clothes off, Sandeep Nehra and his friends allegedly hit the cousins on their private parts and even burned their genitals.

Sandeep Nehra and his companions also robbed the cousins, who had Rs. 3800 in total with them.

Sandeep Nehra has shared the video of the incident on a social media platform, he also threatened the cousins against reporting the incident to the local police.

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