3-Year-Old Girl Dead After Vehicle Of A Lawmaker In Telangana Rammed Their Motorcycle

Officials said that a 3-year-old girl passed away after the vehicle of Danasari Anasuya, a lawmaker, rammed into their motorcycle. The parents of the minor were also severely injured and are currently admitted inside a government-run hospital.

Officials added that the accident happened in the District of Mulugu, in the town of Jeedivagu.

According to some reports, the vehicle of Danasari Anasuya, a lawmaker, who is better known as Seethakka, was traveling in Jeedivagu and hit the motorcycle that was coming from the opposite side of the road.

The 3-year-old girl has been identified as Sravanthi.

The police said that K Arun, the father of the girl and Vijaya, the mother of Sravanthi, attained injuries and are currently admitted in a government-run hospital in Eturanagaram.

Officials said that Sravanthi passed away due to the injuries she attained in her head.

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