An 8-Year-old Girl from Rajasthan Is Currently Fighting for Her Life after Being Kidnapped and Raped by Neighbor

The Dholpur police said that an 8-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped by their neighbor on Thursday, the police added that the incident happened in Dholpur.

The 8-year-old girl is currently admitted in a local hospital and is fighting for her life.

Officials said that the girl was playing outside her house and was kidnapped by their neighbor and was raped afterward.

The police have launched a probe for the incident and have assured the family members of the victim to have a thorough investigation.

Earlier this week, a woman was raped by 5 men in the district of Alwar, a number of protests were done in the district against the Ashok Gehlot Congress Government in the state.

Rahul Gandhi, the chief of the Congress party also met the survivor on Thursday, he said that he will help bring justice and added that his help will not be political.

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