Adorable Rescued Squirrel Can’t Sleep Without Tiny Teddy Bear

Jill, a 7-year-old squirrel, was rescued from Hurricane Isaac in 2012, and since then, she needs to have her best-bud, a tiny teddy bear, to sleep during the night.

When Jill was saved, she became famous on Instagram, where she has over 670,000 followers.

The profile of Jill says that she is a vegetarian, a parkour expert that is afraid of the vacuum.

But it also states that “she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.”

Another thing she loves is napping, which everyone does.

Jill is also known for the adorable blankets she uses to go to sleep, but that’s nothing compared to her BFF.

Every time Jill goes for a nap, she needs to cuddle with her teddy bear first.

She carries it with her and cuddles with it every time she gets tucked into bed.

Jill also loves to show off her amazing and adorable little outfits that are made by her owner.

Here are some of the adorable pictures that are posted on the official Instagram page of Jill:

According to the owner of Jill, the cute furry little creature also enjoys traveling and going to beaches.

The owner said, “Jill has come with me on vacation ever since I began caring for her — before she was even a year old. She is a pro at long drives.”

Jill is a potty-trained furry little squirrel that loves fashion and posing for the camera.

If you want to stay updated with what’s going on with the life of Jill, you can follow her Instagram account.

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