Adorable Golden Retriever Was Born With A Cool Tiny Mohawk!

Stanley was just 3 weeks old when a tiny Mohawk showed up on the top of his head, and it made him a famous puppy on the internet.

Megan Callahan and her husband brought the pup to their house when he was 2 months old. Megan got him the day they got home from their honeymoon in Hawaii.

To celebrate the day, they dressed him in an adorable shirt, but by that time, his Mohawk started to fade away.

But a miracle happened, and the mohawk of Stanley came back.

It hasn’t left him alone ever since.

Everyone who meets Stanley notices the Mohawk that he has.

Talking about how people react when they meet Stanley, Megan told the Dodo:

When we took him out, strangers would come up to us and ask about his Mohawk. They even asked me if I styled it or cut it that way.

Talking about what Stanley loves, Megan said that he loves water.

Not only water, but he also loves to swim too!

Megan said that Stanley spends all day splashing water around in the pool, and the best thing about it is that his Mohawk stays just as firm as it was on day one.

When they play with Stanley, Megan says that they love to talk to him about the unique hairstyle that he has.

What are your thoughts about the Mohawk that Stanley has? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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