Adorable dog visits the fence on a daily basis to get massage from neighbor’s puppy

A dog loves cuddles and rubs, but from humans, not fellow dogs.

Beaù, a dog, loves dogs and humans, said Kayleigh Burrowes, her mother.

The dog loves to spend time with their next door neighbor, a little puppy who loves interacting with dogs too!

During an interview with the Dodo, Kayleigh said that Beaù  is hyper all the time and loves to snuggle.

She added:

She’s is so hyper all the time and loves snuggles. [She’s] super friendly with all the neighbor’s dogs, but has a soft spot for Rocco.

Rocco is a dog that lives next door.

Beaù met Rocco last year and despite having a different size and breed, the 2 dogs became really close.

Before Beaù, Rocco used to play a lot with Jak, the former dog of Burrowes, who passed away because of their old age.

But after Beaù came, they became friends with Rocco right away.

Talking about Beaù and Rocco, Burrowes said:

She met him as soon as she was allowed outside and they automatically clicked. [Rocco] really missed Jak as they were really close so Beaù made it easier.

Despite being close with each other, Burrowes did not realize how close these 2 dogs were until recently.

One day, she was sitting on her sofa and when she looked out the patio door, she saw Rocco giving Beaù a massage.

Burrowes recalled the moment and said:

One day, I was sitting on my sofa then I looked out the patio door and Rocco was massaging Beaù. I thought I was seeing things for a second, but now they won’t stop.

Burrowes thought that it was hilarious, as a result, she got her phone out and took a video of the entire video.

She then shared the video on social media.

Beaù loves scratching and when she’s in the mood, she visits Rocco at the fence.

Rocco does not mind and they do it with love.

That’s dog love right there.

Talking about the massages, Burrowes said that it goes on for some time and it happens on a daily basis.

This is such an amazing thing to witness!

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