Pet Cat Keeps HIs Little Human Safe By Swatting Him Away From Balcony

An adorable little pet cat was caught on camera protecting his little brother from the edge of a balcony and everything about the video that we are talking about is adorable!

You can watch the adorable video below:

In the amazing video, you can see the family cat protecting the little toddler, who is believed to be from Bucaramanga, Columbia.

The boy, who is believed to be 1 year old, wanted to sneak peak over the rails of his apartment’s balcony, but their pet cat was not having any of their demands.

The cat, who acts like a big brother, could be seen stopping the little boy to look over and touch the railing.

The cat gently swatted the hands of the boy, keeping him away from the railing.

The entire interaction was caught on camera by a relative of the little boy, who was with them all the time.

Looks like we have a contender for the best babysitter award this year!

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