Mother Koala Carries Her Oversized Joey As They Cross The Road

A mother and baby love were caught on camera and everything about it is just amazing.

The koala was carrying her baby on her back to ensure they safely cross the road.

The mother-daughter duo were venturing together when a Redditor captured the video.

The incident happened Blanket Bay, a campground in Cape Otway, Victoria.

It was shared to Reddit on Monday this week.

In the video, the mother was seen giving her joey a piggyback ride as she was walking along the gravel before stopping directly in front of the camera.

Talking about the koala, the Redditor said they were really calm.

It suggested that the koala is a resident of the area.

The woman added:

My guess is she’s a resident of the campground and sees people all the time.

Such an adorable moment.

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