Man With Florida State Tattoo On His Forehead Arrested After Calling Police For Ride Home At 4:20am With Pocket Full Of Weed

A 22-year-old man from Florida, USA, was arrested by the police for calling the police for a ride home at 4:20am with a pocket full of weed.

The man had a tattoo of the Florida state on his forehead.

According to reports, Matthew Leathman called the police at around 4:20 am on Sunday to ask them for a ride to his New Port Riche house.

The man cussed the dispatcher during his first call to the police, prompting the call taker to give him a non-emergency number for future references.

The police officer then offered to call Leatham a taxi house but he informed the police that he had no money on him.

The man was walking to his house before calling 911 again to request a ride.

The police officer responded to the scene as Leatham was on the phone with the dispatcher.

Upon seeing that Leatham was not having any emergency, the police ended up arresting him.

Which was followed by a search.

The investigating officer ended up locating around 20 grams of marijuana on the person.

Leatham was charged with the misuse of the 911 system.

He was also charged with possession of marijuana.

He has been released on $300 bond.

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