Baby Monitor Captures Baby’s Adorable Conversation With Pet Cat

Lindsey Needham has a baby and a cat, and the 2 adorable little creatures go along pretty well, so well that one day, their mum found out they were having a conversation in the middle of the night.

But before we get into the cute little details of that, let’s talk about the 2 adorable creatures.

Lindsey said, “The first time [Zora] met Brody, I was holding him in my arms after we got home from the hospital and she jumped up on the chair and started sniffing Brody’s head.”

She added, “She was purring immediately.”

Zora and Brody became so close, that they started to communicate with each other without even speaking.

Lindsey said the two somehow understood each other.

Talking about Brody, Lindsey said, “She has always been so patient with him and never showed aggression toward him.”

She added, “It’s almost like she understood that Brody was a baby, learning the world around him.”

Recently, the 2 best-friends became really close, so close that Lindsey saw the 2 having a mid-night chat with each other even after the lights were off.

Lindsey said, “Zora has always been a talkative cat and usually meows at me when she enters a room or jumps on my lap so I do it right back to her.”

She added, “So now whenever [Zora] walks in the room Brody starts meowing immediately and Zora happily responds with a ‘hello.’”

Earlier this year, Lindsey caught the 2 secretly having a mid-night talk even after the lights were turned off.

Lindsey and her husband were watching TV one day after they put down Brody so he could go to sleep, but instead of the baby falling asleep, the heard meowing sounds coming from Brody’s room

Lindsey said Zora managed to broke into the room of Brody, and they lost it after they opened the baby monitor app on their cellphone.

Lindsey said, “We open the baby monitor app on our phone and, sure enough, we see Zora sitting on the chair meowing next to the crib and Brody is standing up meowing right back at her, looking like they were having an actual conversation.”

She added, “My husband and I couldn’t help but just watch and laugh hysterically.”

Lindsey had to break up their mid-night conversation so Brody could go back to sleep.

Lindsey said Zora hasn’t snuck back into the room of Brody since the day they caught them on cam.

The couple now keeps the door of Brody shut, so Zora could stay out.

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