Best Halloween Costume? Girl And Pet Dog Dress As Beauty And The Beast

A toddler who loves Disney characters dresses up as her favorite Disney princess and danced with her adorable Golden-Doodle around their living room as they recreated a scene from the classic Beauty and the Beast movie.

On October 26, 3-year-old Emily asked Kaylee Slobotski, her mother, to play the classic Beauty and the Beast movie on their TV.

After watching the movie, Emily asked her mother to wear her Belle costume and dress Rudy, their pet pooch, as Beast.

In a video that Kaylee shared on social media, it showed Rudy standing on his back legs as Emily danced with her to “Tale As Old As Time”.

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Posted by Kaylee Slobotski on Sunday, 27 October 2019

Talking about the costumer, Kaylee said, “Emily loves Disney Princesses and lately her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.”

She added, “I borrowed the Belle dress and the handmade Beast costume from my close friend. We were watching Beauty and the Beast for the 100th time and Emily wanted her dress on while she watched.”

Emily didn’t want to dance alone, and she said she wanted Rudy, her 5-year-old pooch, to join her.

Kaylee said Emily insisted Rudy wear the costume.

Luckily, the dog didn’t get annoyed and even danced with Emily.

Kaylee said, “He sat by her and she picked up his paws to dance during her favorite part of the movie. He was happy to give her a short dance and then went on his way before he came back to dance again!”

Kaylee says Rudy and Emily have been best friends since Emily came to this world.

The mother said Rudy is patient with Emily and goes along with her pretty well.

She added, “He is so patient with her and is always by her side no matter what Emily is up to.”

Dogs are just amazing!

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