Cyclops Puppy With Extremely Rare Condition Born In Thailand

A one-eyed Cyclops puppy with an extremely rare condition was born in Thailand, but vets warned the puppy won’t live a long life.

Kevin, the one-eyed puppy, was born in a litter of 2 in Chachoengsao, Central Thailand on February 2, 2020.

He was named after a Minions character, Kevin, who has one eye.

2 days after his birth, the unusual looking puppy was fit and healthy.

The owners of Kevin were bottle feeding the pooch.

Kevin is being called a lucky pooch by his owners, but that’s not what a vet thinks.

James Portsmouth, a lead veterinary at Animal Trust, said the puppy won’t be living a long life because of his unusual condition.

James said, “Cyclopia is a very rare congenital issue where the fetus fails to develop two separate orbital spaces (the cavities in which eyeballs sit).”

He added, “It is a form of what is known medically as holoprosencephaly. Animals born with cyclopia often also have abnormal lips, noses, and nasal spaces.”

He continued, “Sadly, it is rare for these animals to survive very long after birth as the brain is also usually affected.”

Somjai Phummaman, the owner of Kevin, said he noticed that his dog, an Aspin breed, had given birth to 2 puppies on his bedroom floor.

The government worker put the puppies in a warm box before taking a closer look.

Upon placing them in the box, Somjai noticed the unusual mutation of Kevin.

Somjai said, “We are wishing that the puppy survives, even though it has a deformity. We want to keep him as a pet until he grows up.”

He added, “Everybody has been amazed by him and saying that it is lucky sign. People said that he looks like the yellow cartoon character with one eye, so we can nicknamed him after that.”

The villagers of Somjai got to know about the unusual-looking puppy and rushed to the house to take a closer look.

Kevin is considered by many as lucky, some villagers even placed the dates of his birth on the lottery.

The daughter of Somjai said she wants to take care of the puppy even with the fact that he is not normally looking.

The daughter said, “We have taken good care of the puppy so far. He cannot be breastfed the proper way, so we have to hand feed him with the milk bottle.”

It is still not known if the single eye of Kevin would function properly.

Dogs usually take 2 months to get their eyes fully developed.

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