Dog Walks 37 Miles Home After Owners “Accidentally” Forgot Him At A Service Station During Holiday Trip

A poor dog walked 37 miles to his house in the course of 26 days after trying to find its owners, who accidentally forgot him at a service station in China.

The 7-year-old dog, who is now known as DouDou, was forgotten by its family when they stopped on the motorway of a service station to take a break.

Despite being left alone, the dog was not ready to take part ways with its owners.

As a result, the dog ended up going on a journey that would allow him to go back to their house and get reunited with his owners.

According to reports, the incident happened when Qiu and his family drove to the countryside to visit relatives.

DouDou was with them during the trip.

Qui and his family are originally from eastern Chinese city Hangzhou.

The family stopped at the Tong Lu Service Station, which is around 60 kilometers away from their house.

Qui told the reporters that he assumed DouDou was inside the car when they were looking after their child.

But when they reached their relative’s house, they realized that the dog was not back.

They rushed back to the service station the next day to try and find him, but the dog was not there.

During an interview with the local news, DouDou said:

We hoped it would survive and find a good-hearted person who would adopt it.

Luckily, the dog did not give up.

One day, DouDou just stunned the family after he appeared on their doorstep.

Talking about the animal when he saw him outside their house, he said:

Apart from being skinner than before, [Dou Dou] was still the same self. Its eyes are radiating with lights. Luckily it didn’t have any injuries. Even though Dou Dou was tired and walking wobbly on the first day [after returning home], it has become a lot more energetic recently.

DouDou is currently with his family, being loved.

The fact that the dog found its owners is just amazing!

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