Extremely Rare Golden-Yellow Turtle Is Rescued From A Pond In India

An extremely rare golden yellow turtle was rescued from a pond in West Bengal, India, on Tuesday this week.

This is the second turtle this year that has been spotted in India.

The other rare yellow turtle was found in Odisha, India, in July this year.

Debashish Sharma, an Indian Forest Officer, shared the news on Twitter yesterday to share pictures of the turtle.

You could see that the shell of the turtle is also yellow.

According to Sharma, the turtle was found in a pond in Burdwan, West Bengal, and was rescued right away.

The rare color of the turtle is because of a genetic mutation or a congenital disorder that is brought up due to the lack or complete absence of the tyrosine pigment.

While sharing the news on social media, Sharma said: “Today a yellow turtle was rescued from a pond in Burdwan, WB. It’s one kind of a rarely occurring Flapshell Turtle.”

The pictures of the extremely rare golden yellow turtle are currently viral on social media right now.

The turtle has been identified as a Yellow Flapshell Turtle.

This is the second yellow turtle to be found in India in the last 6 months.

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