Hilarious Video Shows Reporter Being Chased By Pig During Live Telecast Of Good Morning Greece

During the live telecast of Good Morning Greece, something unexpected happened with the news reporter.

Lazos Mantikos, a reporter of ANT1 of Good Morning Greece, was delivering a report when a pig decided to turn the tables around.

During the live telecast of Good Morning Greece, a pig decided to chase Lazos Mantikos and the video of the live telecast went viral right away.

Lazos was reporting flood damage that happened in the town of Kineta in Green when the pig decided to chase him.

A video of the incident shows Lazos being chased by the pig as he was reporting.

In the video, you Lazos said, “Good morning, we have an issue. Giorgos can you hear me.”

Lazos added, “We have a pig here that has been chasing us since this morning … folks sorry I can’t stand because it’s biting me.”

As Lazos explained what was happening, the colleagues of the reporter in the studio of Good Morning Greece were trying to keep themselves together as they almost burst into laughter.

The video of the incident got shared on Twitter, Facebook Reddit, and YouTube.

The colleagues of Lazos from Good Morning Greece admitted that they could not resist cracking jokes about the incident.

A colleague of Lazos from Good Morning Greece said, “Lazos, because it’s a tragic issue and we are counting our wounds in Kineta, try and work things out with the female pig.”

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