Merseyside Police Horse Refuses To Get Out Of Bed For Work Without A Cup Of Tea

Without a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, many of us would end up struggling to start the day and fight sleepiness. Luckily, we are not alone in this problem.

Jake, a 20-year-old horse, who has been fighting crime with the Merseyside Police for the past 15 years, loves to start the day with a cup of tea.

According to reports, Jake loves sticking his tongue in his rider’s cup of tea every day while police officers with the Merseyside Police do the same around him.

What happens when Jake doesn’t get his daily dose of tea? Well, he ends up having a hard time keeping up.

Officers at the Merseyside Police say that Jake will not get up if he doesn’t get his special big mug every morning.

Jake’s coffee is not just a regular coffee.

The 20-year-old horse loves his tea with skimmed milk, 2 heaped teaspoons of sugar, and cold water mixed with hot water.

Lindsey Gaven, the Merseyside Police Mounted Section Manager, and a trainer said, “Jake is one of twelve horses we’ve got at the stable working with us.”

The trainer added, “I’d definitely describe Jake as a horse with a lot of character. We’ve all learned his tea order – he’ll deal with one sugar, but is definitely happier when you remember to give him two.”

She continued, “If you’re at the side of the stable and he sees you with a mug in your hand, you can guarantee he’ll trot on over to try and steal a slurp.”

The Merseyside Police said Jake will be retiring from service next year due to his old age.

Thank you, Jake. You’re a different one!

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