Squirrel Blamed For Power Outage In Pennsylvania

Everyone hates power outages, especially when they happen all out of a sudden, forcing us to stop our daily routines and wait for the power to come back.

In a bizarre incident, a squirrel climbed a utility pole in Pennsylvania, USA, and knocked out the electricity supply of around 765 residents.

Todd Meyers, the spokesperson for the power provider Penelec, said around 765 people lost power on around 9:43 am on Monday in Granville Township and Lewistown Borough.

The repair crew later found out that the cause of the power outage was a squirrel that managed to climb on a utility pole, which is located near an intersection.

The squirrel got into contact with the electrical equipment.

The power was restored by 10:30 am.

In order to repair and prevent future incidents like these, the crew installed animal protection gear on the newly repaired equipment.

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