The Mighty Hulk: White German Shepherd Gives Birth To Lime Green Puppy

On January 10, 2020, Shana Stamey and her family were excited when their Gypsy, their white German Shepherd pooch, started to give birth.

But when the fourth pup came, they realized something was wrong.

The family realized that the fourth pup was lime green.

Out of the 8 pooches that came out, the fourth one was the most adorable and different.

Shana, the owner of the pooch, said: “I started freaking out. But everybody was healthy. Hulk! It was lime green. He was super mad. So, yeah, he became Hulk. We thought about Gremlin, yeah, Pistachio. We call him Mr. Green sometimes.”

The family named the pooch as Hulk after Bruce Banner, which is a Marvel superhero that turns to the Hulk after he gets angry.

The Hulk is exposed to Gamma Radiation, but the pooch isn’t.

Many people think this is not real, but there’s an explanation for this.

Suzanne Cianciulli, a veterinarian at the Junaluska Animal Hospital, explained the cause of this,

The vet said, “The sack that they’re in when they’re in their mom, there can be meconium in there and that tends to stain them.”

Meconium is the earliest stool of a mammalian infant and it can be particularly potent with white fur.

Shana explained, “I knew it wasn’t like harmful. But I still had to look it up again to make sure.”

The green color of Bruce Banner won’t be permanent tho.

Shana said, “[Gypsy] licks it away until I bathe it and then, I guess after a couple of weeks, it will finally like to fade out.”

When the pooch was born, he was lime green, but now he is closer to yellow.

Talking about the green pooch, Shana said the little pup has an aggressive appetite.

The family says if the hulk is strong, their pooch has the superpower of devouring a lot of meals.

Since the images of Hulk were shared on social media, a number of major outlets covered his story.

Talking about the love they got, Shana said, “Actually I am amazed at how many are wanting to own Hulk. I really never intended to have such a following on him. Just thought he was special and unique.”

Shana will be finding forever homes for the dogs.

What if she fails? Well, Shana says she will be adding the 8 pups to their own family.

Shana said: “If I cannot find each a home then we will just add to our family. I love them all so much.”

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