Adorable Puppy Has Ears That Look Like Cinnamon Rolls

Puppies that are born or raised in animal shelters have a hard time, from people not choosing them or feeling scared all the time as a lot of new people are around them.

Recently, a litter of 5 week-old puppies were abandoned, which were later rescued and taken to a public shelter.

The president of Pit Sisters heard about the sad situation of the puppies, and she knew that she had to help the 11 rescued puppies. Jean Deane, the president of the Pit Sisters, decided to pick the puppies from the public shelter and take them to the vet’s clinic.

The woman helped the puppies in getting a medical bath, getting treated for worms, and proper care so they could be in a good condition.

The puppies that she took were a litter of 11 puppies, and they all looked alike, but one was different, so different that the puppy is winning the hearts of all people on the internet.

A puppy had her ears curled inwards, which made them look like cinnamon rolls.

People were surprised by the unique look of the puppy, hence she was named as Cinnamon.

Deane knew she had to share the image of Cinnamon on the internet, which she did.

Since sharing the picture of the adorable puppy, people all over the world were adored and thousands of requests came in for the pooch.

Cinnamon was adopted by Laurie and Matt McGovern, who live in St. John’s, Florida. The new parents of Cinnamon named her as Kira.

The good thing is that Kira is not alone, she has 3 older dog siblings with her in the house.

A couple of months after the adoption, the unique cinnamon looking ears of Kira turned into regular looking ears, but age didn’t take her adorable looks away.

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