“The One And Only”: Ultra Rare Golden Tiger Spotted In Assam’s Kaziranga National Park

There are a number of species that live amongst us, but there is only one golden tiger that lives in the wild and you can only find her in India.

On Twitter, IFS (Indian Forest Service) Officer Parveen Kaswan, who is known for sharing amazing animal videos on Twitter, shared pictures of the Golden Tiger on Twitter.

The images of the tiger are so amazing that they are leaving everyone amazed.

Mayuresh Hendre, a wildlife photographer, captured the images at the Kaziranga National Park.

After six successful sightings of this particular female tiger, Mayuresh, the photographer that took the images of the tiger, named her ‘Goldie.’

I would do the same, I would do the same.

The Golden Tiger, which is also known as the Golden Tabby Tiger, is an ultra-rare tiger that can only be in the line of a Royal Bengal Tiger.

The golden color of the tiger is caused by recessive genes.

Goldie is the only recorded golden tiger that lives in the wild.

Golden Tigers are only found in breeding centers and zoos across the world, but no official sighting of them living in the wild have been reported.

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