Tiger Causes Massive Traffic Jam After It Decided To Rest In The Middle Of A Flyover

A full-grown tiger in Madhya Pradesh, India was spotted resting in the middle of a flyover, which caused a massive traffic jam.

The video of the entire incident is viral on social media right now.

According to reports, the incident was captured by eyewitnesses who were waiting on the road as the tiger calmly sat down.

The incident reportedly happened National Highway 7, which is located in the buffer zone of the Pench National Park.

There was reportedly some construction work going on in the area when the massive tiger sat down in the middle of the road.

In one video on social media, the tiger could be seen trying to launch an attack, which shocked and scared people that were inside a vehicle.

The big cat did not attack anyone or cause damage to any vehicle.

Eyewitnesses called the forest department after it caused traffic.

However, when the rescuers arrived, the cat had gotten up and went to the forest on its own.

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