Woman Discovers Fish With “Human Teeth” While Walking On Beach In Georgia

31-year-old Maleah Burrows was out walking on a beach in Georgia, USA, when she came across a washed toothy fish.

Maleah was walking on the St. Simon’s Island in Georgia, USA when she came across the weird human looking fish.

Maleah said, “We were just walking along the beach and it was washed up far from the shoreline and caught our attention.”

She added, “I originally just thought it was a plain old fish – nothing exciting, but I still wanted to show my three-year-old.”

She continued, “Then as we got closer, I saw all the teeth and I was shocked because I’d never seen anything like it!”

The mother said the fish had a mouth that was full of teeth and was not point, which made her think as they belonged to humans.

She added, “Behind its first row of teeth were buds that filled up its entire mouth.”

The mother said she isn’t sure what they were, but they did look like actual teeth.

According to reports, the fish was a sheepshead fish, a type of marine animal that is capable of growing to up to 75 centimeters.

Their teeth help them crush shrimp, crabs, and mussels.

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