Chinese Doctor Saves Elderly Man’s Life By Sucking 800ml of Urine From His Bladder

A brave Chinese doctor went beyond his duty calls when he realized an elderly man was in need of immediate help.

A Chinese doctor saved the life of an elderly passenger by sucking 800 milliliters of urine from the man’s bladder so it could stop from bursting.

Looks like this doctor did what he promised when he was taking his oath.

According to reports, the incident happened during China Southern Airways flight from Guangzhou, China, to New York.

The flight was 6 hours away from New York when the old man became ill.

The man told the staff of the plane that he was having a hard time urinating and was breaking out it in sweats.

The cabin crew ended up asking for assistance from the passengers.

When the announcement was made, a doctor came up and asked if he was good for help.

Dr. Zhang Hong works as the head of the Vascular Surgery Department of Jinan University’s First Affiliated Hospital.

Dr. Zhang said the old passenger had a bloated abdomen and was sweating a lot.

The Dr. explained, “He was going into shock and may have suffered a risk to his life if we didn’t tend to him urgently. His family said he had a history of prostate enlargement, so we suspected this was causing urinary retention.”

Long story short, if the Dr. did not get the urine out of his bladder, the bladder was going to explode, which could have been catastrophic.

Dr. Zhang realized that things were getting worse by every minute, so he did what he was supposed to.

Dr. Zhang cobbled together a makeshift catheter from a piece of plastic tubing, a syringe from the plane’s medical kit, a milk carton straw, and sticky tape.

Initially, Dr. Zhang tried to extract the urine by using the syringe but later found out that the needle that he had was so thin.

So he changed up his treatment.

Dr. Zhang ended up sipping the urine by his mouth.

Dr. Zhang used his mouth, spit the urine into a wine bottle, and ended up extracting 800 milliliters of urine.

It took him nearly 37 minutes to extract the urine.

According to Dr. Zhang, if he didn’t help, the old man could have died before they reached New York.

Talking about why he helped the man, Dr. Zhang said, “There was no other way. I didn’t think too much about it. I only wanted to help him extract the urine retained in his bladder.”

He added, “Saving lives is a doctor’s instinct.”

Thanks to Dr. Zhang, the old passenger is living its second life.

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