Former Congress MLA Subhash Dhote and Municipal Council president Arun Dhote arrested for allegedly molesting a student in Maharashtra  

Subhash Dhote, a Congress leader, and Arun Dhote, the president of the Rajura municipal council, were both arrested for allegedly molesting a nursing student in college that is located in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

Subhash Dhote is the president of the Kalyan Nursing Educational Institution, the woman that they molested was once a student there, Arun Dhote is a secretary at the nursing school.

Former Congress MLA Subhash Dhote

The Kalyan Nursing Educational Institution is owned by a private organization and is located in Rajura.

The police added, Subhash Dhote and Arun Dhote are cousins.

The woman said that the cousins asked sexual favors from her when she was in her last year in the institution, and when she declined their request, they removed her from the college.

She was expelled from the institution in October 2018.

The woman also said that Arun and Subhash hired a person who followed her and two more tribal girls, who were also sexually abused by the two.

The Rajura Police released a statement about the incident, they said, “Due to repeated stalking, the student lodged a complaint against Subhash, Arun and the former principal of the college in this connection.”

Subhash Dhote and Arun Dhote have been arrested and are currently facing charges for Molestation and Criminal Intimidation under the Indian Penal Code.

The cousins were brought in a judicial magistrate first class court in Ballarpur, the court ruled out that they will be in police custody until 24 May.

The police have also arrested 2 school officials who abused the two tribal girls last month.

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