Metal Detectorist Finds Gold Coins Worth $128,000 While Looking For Friend’s Lost Wedding Ring

How tensed can you be when you lose your wedding ring, and how happy can you be if you find gold coins 10 times worth the ring that you were actually finding?

2 detectorists in Northern Ireland were finding a missing wedding ring when their dream became a reality.

Paul Reynard and Michael Gwynne were on a holiday in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland when a farmer friend of theirs asked if they could look for the wedding ring that he lost in a field.

The detectorists failed to find the ring of the farmer, but they found something worth more than the ring.

Instead of finding the missing ring, the 2 detectorists found a hoard of 84 gold coins, and some of them date back to King Henry VIII’s reign in the early 1500s.

Reynard and Gwynne said this is what they dreamed of.

The Ulster Museum said that the coins can be worth over $128,580 USD.

During an interview with BBC, Reynard said, “First thing I found was a five pence piece and the second thing I found were (sic) a horseshoe – so that must have been my lucky horseshoe.”

He added, “The next thing, when I dug the hole, I just saw three coins at the top and I knew straight away it was a hoard, so I was just pulling coins and coins out and it were (sic) just an amazing feeling, absolutely amazing feeling.”

Reynard said one of the coins that they found is worth around $6500 USD.

The discovery that the 2 made was very emotional for the 2.

Reynard explained, “I just saw this little figure running from side to side, and with knowing Paul, who gets very giddy, I says: ‘He’s excited, he’s found something’.”

He added, “So I walked down and the closer I got I realised that it wasn’t shouting, he was crying.”

Experts would have to take a closer look at the gold coins to give a full value for the coins.

The money is going to be equally distributed between Reynard and the landowner if they choose to sell the hoard for cash.

Good thing the farmer would have money to buy his wife a new ring, or else he would’ve had to hear a bunch of things.

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