Muslim woman from Uttar Pradesh names his son “Narendra Damordas Modi” who was born on May 23

A Muslim woman from Uttar Pradesh decided to name his son as “Narendra Damordas Modi”, the woman decided to name her son after Prime Minister Modi.

Mainaz Begum, the mother of Narendra Damordas Modi, came up with the idea of naming her son after the PM of India on May 23, this is the same day when the Lok Sabha results were announced and is the same day when Narendra Modi won back as the Prime Minister of India, this will be his second term.

The family members of Mainaz tried to change her mind, but according to her father-in-law, Mainaz was really adamant and wanted to name her child after the PM of India.

Mushtaq Ahmed, the husband of Mainaz also tried his best to change the idea of Mainaz, but her failed. Mushtaq currently works in Dubai.

But after some time, the family members of Mainaz ended up agreeing with her wish.

The family of Mainaz has filed an affidavit for naming their son after the PM of India and they have submitted it to the Assistant Development Officer Ghanshyam Pandey, the head of their Panchayat.

When Ghanshyam Pandey was asked about this, he said that he have received the Affidavit.

The affidavit application has been forwarded to the secretary of their village panchayat, the secretary is the person who deals with death and birth registrations.

Ghanshyam Pandey said, “Action will be taken as per the law.”

Mainaz Begum said that Narendra Modi has done a lot of things for the country and especially for the poor.

Narendra Modi and his government helped bring schemes that profited the poor, which includes free gas connection and help to build toilets inside their homes.

Mainaz also praised the Prime Minister for having the initiative to end the triple talaq.

When the father-in-law of Mainaz was asked about the name, he said that this is their family’s private matter and no person should come and interfere with their decision.



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