Nepali couple arrested for stealing valuable items from a defense colony house in New Delhi

The Delhi police have arrested Shanti Joshi and Kishan Joshi, a Nepalese couple, for stealing a number of valuable items in the Defence Colony area in south Delhi, officials said that one of the couple was employed as a maid in the area.

36-year-old Shanti Joshi and 45-year-old Kishan Joshi were arrested by the police, they are from the district of Bajhan in Nepal.

Vijay Kumar, a senior police officer, said, “Shanti, the maid, was employed in the house and only 15 days later she was found missing along with the safe kept in house.”

An FIR was registered in April about the robbery, the police launched a probe afterwards.

The couple stole jewelry, cash, and other valuables in the area.

The police tracked Shanti and Kishan when they were going back to Nepal.

And after further investigation, the police identified her and was arrested while she was working as a maid in a new home.

The police recovered the diamond ring, an expensive watch, and other things that they stole in New Delhi.

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