Russian Father Who Killed Pedophile Friend For Abusing His 8-Year-Old Daughter Is Released From Custody

A father of an 8-year-old girl who killed his friend because he found out that his friend was abusing his daughter has been released from custody.

This comes as people in Russia are saying that the father should not be charged with murder.

32-year-old sex attacker Oleg Sviridov reportedly kept mobile phone videos of his abuse.

It is reported that most of the incidents happened in the Vintai Village in Russia’s Samara region.

According to official reports, Vyacheslav M, 34, the father of the girl, was drinking with the attacker when he saw a footage on the man’s phone.

Sviridov (left) and Vyacheslav (right)
Sviridov (left) and Vyacheslav (right)

In the video, he saw that Sviridov was raping his daughter, who is now 9 years old.

The father confronted the attacker right away, who ran away.

The pedophile had reportedly baby sat his daughter on multiple occasions, but the exact date of the assault was not confirmed.

Vyacheslav reported the multiple rapes to local police who launched a manhunt for him, however, things took a wild turn when the father managed to track down the pedophile before the police could.

As a result, the father stabbed the pedophile to death.

The father later told the police that the pedophile stumbled on the knife during their confrontation in a forest near the village.

He also told them that he had not intentionally murdered him with the table.

The body of the pedophile was found near the village, more than a week after the father saw the video.

The father was detained after the body of Sviridov was found.

Upon investigating, the police found that the phone of the deceased man contained other sickening videos, which showed violent rapes of other girls in the village.

The other victims are 6 and 11 years old.

The father was drinking when he saw the video of his daughter being abused.

The father was jailed for carrying out the attack, however he has been freed from jail and is placed under house arrest for 2 months as an investigation is being carried out.

Most of the time, killers are not allowed to be freed, but because of public support for the father, the man was released from jail.

It was also reported that one of the victims was the daughter of his former live-in partner.

A friend of the father said:

The woman had a daughter from her first marriage. Now it has turned out he was abusing the child.

The ex-lover did not know anything about the incident.

A woman friend who had known Sviridov for more than 15 years said:

She is a very good caring mother. I can imagine what she feels like now the truth has come out. He was constantly seen with the girls, the daughter of his partner and Vyacheslav’s older daughter, in the village. It never crossed anyone’s mind what he was doing with children.

The body of the attacker was found by the police on Thursday this week.

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