Russian Billionaire claims “Putin Palace” at Black Sea worth $1.37 billion actually belongs to him

A billionaire from Russia has claimed that they are the owner of the very expensive $1.37 billion worth property that many believe is the house of Vladimir Putin, the current ruler of Russia.

It was recently reported that the $1.37 billion house was gifted to Vladimir Putin by the Oligarchs of the country as a bribe.

Alexei Navalny, a Kremlin critic, was the one that made the massive claims and even used his drones to take an overview of the palace.

Navalny is currently in jail, he was recently poisoned and was getting treatment from abroad.

He was arrested right away after he returned to Moscow.

As per the report of Navalny, the property cost around $1.37 billion and it was paid for the largest bribe in the history of the planet.

Navalny claims that the massive palace was built for their boss, referring to Putin, with the bribe money.

The report by Navalny has been viewed by tens of millions of people in Russia.

Arkady Rotenberg, a Russian Oligarch, stepped up after the news went viral on social media.

During an interview with Kremlin Mash Telegram, Arkady said that they are the ones that own the mansion.

Arkady was quoted:

I have managed to strike a deal with creditors a few years ago, and I became a beneficiary of this site a few years ago.

Arkady is one of the closest oligarchs of Vladimir Putin.

He said the property is currently being constructed and it will eventually become an apartment type hotel.

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