Veterinary Nurses At Singapore Clinic Suspended For Juggling Castrated Dog’s Testicles And Mocking A Deaf Cat

2 Veterinary nurses in Singapore have been suspended from their jobs after they filmed themselves juggling a dog’s castrated testicles and for mocking a deaf cat.

The 2 nurses could be seen giggling as they were being filmed throughout the incident.

The nurses were filmed playing with the testicles of the dog and mocking a deaf cat by clapping near it.

Some pieces of the incident were shared on social media.

The second video shows the staff mocking a cat that has no ears, by clapping loudly next to its head.

The staff also joked and compared the cat with a seal.

The incident reportedly happened at the Ohana VetCare in Singapore.

Reports suggest that the nurses have been suspended from their job after the bosses saw the video.

A video that was shared was captioned as “bouncing testicles”

In the video, the nurses could be seen hurling one of the testicles to the ground and laughs as it rebounds off the floor.

The nurse then bounced the testicle for a second time.

According to reports, the cat’s ears were surgically removed.

The owners of the Ohana VetCare in Singapore saw the video after one of the nurses posted it on social media.

A statement about the incident was released by Ohana VetCare.

The statement read, “The video displayed wholly inappropriate behavior for people working in veterinary care, where our primary aim is always to ensure the welfare of all animals.”

It has come to our attention that two of our nurses posted a video on their personal social media account of themselves,…

Posted by Ohana VetCare on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

It added, “We have spoken with the nurses and have asked them to remove the video from their social media account.”

It continued, “We have also decided to suspend them with immediate effect while we investigate the incidents captured in their video further. We have also reminded all our employees to be vigilant against such behavior to prevent it from happening again.  These actions do not reflect the clinic’s standards nor any of our other employees’ standard.”

It is still not clear if the nurses will be removed from their jobs or how long their suspension will last for.

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