4-Year-Old And 2-Year-Old Sisters Get Alcohol Poisoning After Father Gave Them Half A Pint Of Wine

2 sisters in Ukraine were rushed to a hospital in a critical condition after their father gave them half a pint of wine.

2-year-old Luda and 4-year-old Maryna were given wine after they asked their father for food at lunchtime.

Mykola, the father, was drunk when the 2 sisters asked for food.

The father went to the fridge to find milk, but after he failed to find some, he decided to fill their milk bottles with wine.

The 2 young girls suffered from severe alcohol poisoning as a result of having drunk the wine.

The 2 girls were found unconscious on a street near their house in Chaplynka, Kherson.

As per reports, the 2 sisters were rushed to a hospital and are now in a stable condition.

The 2 young girls were discovered by the neighbors.

Tetiana Shotik, a next door neighbor, said, “The girls were lying motionless on the ground. We tried to wake them up but failed. There was a strong smell of alcohol and we called an ambulance. Before that, I saw them in the street near their house. They were singing something unintelligible and were unsteady on their feet.”

Tetiana added, “It looked strange but I thought they were playing some kind of a game. They had baby bottles with a pink liquid in their hands.”

The 2 girls were brought to a hospital and were placed in Intensive Care.

They were diagnosed with acute alcohol poisoning and showed signs of serious neglect, which includes dirt all over their body and were covered with lice.

The Chaplyn Regional Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit told the local mediathat the 2 young girls are now out of danger.

The 2 girls were hospitalized in a state of alcoholic coma and were on the verge of death.

According to the authorities, the girls were black from dirt and the hospital staff had to spend 2 hours cleaning them alone.

The clothes that were worn by the kids were so nasty that the staff of the hospital had to throw them away.

According to a report, the 2-year-old girl’s hair was a huge knot, and it took the staff a lot of time to undo it.

Mykola, the father of the 2 young kids, has been arrested by the police and can possibly spend up to 5 years in prison for mistreating his daughters.

The girls are currently with a recovery center in their city, and are waiting for the decision of the court.

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