Ashura Festival: Muslims Including Children Left Covered In Blood As Devout Muslims Use Knives To Slice Their Heads Open

Warning! Graphic Images Below! Watch On Your Own Risk! 

Shi’ite Muslims from all over the earth have commemorated the 7th century killing of the Prophet Muhammad’s Grandson by drawing blood.

Ashura, a festival in the Muslim religion, marks the killing of Imam Hussein in a battle with Caliph Yazid’s forces in 680.

On the day of Ashura, Muslims listen to recitations of the story of Imam’s death with many crying and beating themselves with closed fits.

Other devout Shi’ite Muslims lacerate their heads or flagellate themselves with knives.

Every year, adults also do the same thing to their children in a gentle way. Parents give a quick tap on the hade of the kids with a razor blade or a sharp knife so they could be included in the ceremony.

The mourning day starts on the 10th day of Muharram, which is the first month in the Islamic Calendar, which is also the mourning month in the Islamic calendar.

India, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Bahrain observe the holiday on this day.

In this year’s holiday, at least 31 people died and over 100 people were injured in the process in Kerbala, the southern holy city of Iraq.

The total death toll is expected to rise as at least 10 people are still in critical condition.

The ritual, which is carried out on children, is really controversial within the Muslim World.

Some studies concluded that the injuries sustained in the practices could cause lasting psychological damage, and many clerics consider the ritual as self-harm, which is “Haram”, which means forbidden, in the Muslim religion.

Many Muslims believe that the ritual creates a negative image of their religion.

Many Muslims across the world are encouraged to donate blood during the holiday, so they could help other people out.

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